QUO VADIS, Ronaldo…??

Transfer rumours regarding Cristiano Ronaldo are sure to pop up every single year at the end of the season, sometimes a couple of times a year, since the day he left Manchester and England behind. Now, straight after winning the Champions League final with Real Madrid, the superstar’s comments about his future set tongues wagging once again, with plenty of options being discussed by plenty of sources. Cristiano himself has announced he will give a statement soon, but is keeping his lips sealed for now.

What does the planetary backdrop have to say? The energy of Jupiter, planet of expansion, success and good fortune, currently plays a major part in the Portuguese’s chart. Jupiter squares his sun and is urging him not to bypass any opportunity for growth or positive experiences in order to make his biggest hopes and wishes come true. This phase is about inspired actions and decisions that are purely led by the heart, about being idealistic, enthusiastic and true to oneself, going after happy feelings. Given that Cristiano is an Aquarius, he may well surprise everyone by doing something no one has predicted.

And what about that undying “going back to Man Utd” rumour? Well, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio which is connected to the past and deep emotional bonds, so a move back is not entirely ruled out as his strong emotional connection to his former club is without question – in his own words: “Manchester will always be in my heart”. It may be time to follow up with action to show that love – or look for new horizons (such a beautiful Jupiter analogy). Saturn is reaching a dominant position as well, and as the planet of maturity, truth, and responsibility it could hint at an important crossroad in his life. Whatever he does, “The pursuit of happiness” is all he really needs to consider.