The wonderfully drama-free break up of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and her soon-to-be ex hubby Ben Affleck are living proof that Hollywood doesn’t always need the big drama. They first announced their split in 2015 but later put their divorce plans on hold, trying to make it work for their three kids. However, Jen and Ben have now taken the decision to end their relationship while still loving and supporting each other.

The two screen stars are in fact a really good match, be it as lovers or friends: Both have their sun and Mercury in a fire sign – Jennifer in Aries and Ben in Leo – which puts them on a very similar wavelength and makes them well compatible with regards to how they think and act. It should be easy for them to communicate and get organised in a way that suits them both fine. Both have their Ascendant in family-oriented, sensitive Cancer, so their approach to life and dealing with new challenges is similar and emotions play an important role for both of them.

However, difficulties could perhaps arise considering their emotional energies. Jen’s moon in Gemini in the 12th house indicates she may often want to be off in another (dream) world or take time out and withdraw to her own mental realm. She likely needs a lot of flexibility and she’s very communicative and tends to get distracted by many contacts and interests (she has three other planets in Gemini). Ben on the other hand has his moon in mysterious, brooding and intense Scorpio in the 5th house. It seems that he needs a partner who is willing to focus on and to share in his own personal passions and projects a lot and place his emotional needs (the nature of which may often be quite demanding and extreme) in the centre of attention.

In their relationship chart, transiting Saturn, which is a symbol of responsibility, truth, reality and sensibility and also the relationship significator for both of them in their individual charts, has just exactly opposed their Venus and sun, thus heralding the end of their love relationship. But this constellation is all about mutual benefit and enjoyment – “being nice to each other”, so while their long talks about the state of their marriage while holidaying together eventually led to their split, the pair will remain the best of friends and apparently even managed to settle everything without an army of lawyers! Miracles do happen, sometimes even in Hollywood.