Miranda Kerr said Yes! to boyfriend Evan Spiegel’s proposal

Former Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr recently instagrammed the news of her engagement to Snapchat founder and billionaire Evan Spiegel whom she’s been dating for about a year. Looking at their chart comparison, it’s easy to believe people who claim they are such a happy couple. For starters, Miranda’s Venus in Gemini close to Evan’s sun is almost always a sign of an instant connection and strong mutual affection. Miranda’s outgoing sun sign, Aries, is also a good match for communicative Gemini Evan. What’s more, both have their Mercury at the same degree in Taurus which makes for great conversation and exchange of ideas. Evan’s Venus is placed in Taurus as well which is a fantastic constellation given Miranda has her Mars there – erotic sparks are certainly flying high between these two! Evan Spiegel’s moon is most likely in deeply emotional Scorpio (just like in the chart of Miranda’s ex Orlando Bloom!) and works really well with Miranda’s moon in fellow water sign Cancer. He also brings a good dose of common sense and realistic attitude into the relationship with half of his planets being in materialistic and responsible earth signs, and his model fiancé will no doubt appreciate that: She’s a fun seeking girl on the one hand, but also looking for a partner with a certain toughness and serious attitude. There’s no doubt Evan will live up to her expectations – His Mars in Aries gives him the ability to get his will and push his way ahead. Who cares that he’s seven years younger than Miranda – Congratulations to this truly powerful couple!!


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