What lies ahead – An astrologial forecast to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday

A peek at the Queen’s solar return chart reveals this will likely be a year with a focus mainly on duties and practical adaptations in everyday routines, and also on the people involved in those services with whom she shares most of her time. Until late October, Saturn shows that Elizabeth will continue to appear very focused in the public eye, with her strong inherent calmness seeming notably enhanced. As power planet Mars is also making an appearance, perhaps she’s even eager to take on more ventures and responsibilities than she already has, especially in the period until the end of August, due to a high energy level and a lust for activity and personal achievement. It is therefore important to listen to her inner voice as chances are she might exhaust herself!

Until July her natural ability to generate development while making do with little means will be put to the test, but people may also be surprised to see more of her spontaneous side! This is also a fabulous time to nourish contacts and establish new ones that promise security and prosperity (albeit with a bit of a critical attitude!) as well as being close to her loved ones. However, at least until November, there is a reminding Saturn influence which not only encourages her to treat herself a bit more generously, but also confronts her with her values particularly related to home and family life. She may find it very hard to carve out private time to spend with her family, but she will clearly realize what is too dear and special to her to miss out on due to her regal duties.

Throughout autumn, she could quite easily become more popular mostly with social groups and institutions, by making an effort to be more open and communicative. There will certainly be time for pleasure, as long as substantial material affairs are not neglected. Regarding such financial matters, a promising Uranus constellation hints that some profound changes may be achieved with positive effects. The Queen may want to be cautious though and not become too intent on a particular method or result, as this may hamper the good potential for growth! Until November, cosmic forces look to be stabilizing all emotional matters and relationships along with her trust and confidence. And Her Majesty has every reason to look ahead with a smile: She’s likely to be able to strengthen political bonds and be very much in line with the issues of the state, which can lead to an image improvement and deeper personal satisfaction on the whole. During the first few months of 2017, there will be a nice boost courtesy of Jupiter’s invigorating energy activating her natal Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius. This can bring forth her (often concealed) explorative, quirky and unconventional side. It may also see her energetically engage in controversial issues as well as more actively support social causes to remedy shortcomings and help eliminate injustices!

And what’s actually the secret behind her extraordinary reign? It’s so obvious in Elizabeth’s chart: Her Capricorn Ascendant makes Saturn, the symbol of age, time, stability and longevity, her chart ruler. Saturn is placed right on her Midheaven, a most prominent position in any chart, in deeply committed Scorpio. It’s a remarkable constellation that means high responsibility and authority in connection with public affairs and the state and makes her destined for a life in service of society. As powerful Pluto is approaching the Ascendant, there is a transformative process now slowly beginning for her that indicates key changes in life. However, it probably won’t be until a major constellation coming up in the year 2020 that she will have a true sense of fulfilment regarding her tasks and life work. Everyone would certainly agree that she will give it her all until this day arrives. God save the Queen!