Is it all over? – The Osbournes rumoured to split up after 33 years of marriage!

Despite many ups and downs, Sharon and Ozzy always seemed to have a strong relationship. Their core personalities, Libra and Sagittarius, get along well and especially with regards to mental stimulation, there’s lots of stuff to talk about and both signs are very interested in intelligent, delightful company that makes them feel elevated. Ozzy and wife Sharon are also quite a passionate match as both have Venus in emotionally intense Scorpio. However, latest reports claim Ozzy has cheated on her again – Is it one affair too many for Sharon to put up with? Let’s take an astrological look behind the scenes of the star couple’s lives.

In Sharon’s chart, transiting Pluto is squaring her partner-oriented Libra sun and points to a lengthy transformational process. She is very much the type for a long and stable relationship, but with Saturn close by also involved at present, any important personal commitment to other people needs to be thoroughly examined and let go of if it turns out it has become unreliable. She certainly tends to hold on to things and can endure a lot thanks to Saturn’s impact, but her limits are now being stretched to the max. This constellation could make her become acutely aware of situations in which she feels trapped but was caught up too much in her own routines, just too busy preserving stability to notice before. Pluto now announces that a profound change of plan is in order, which has a lot to do with her authority over her own life and decision-making powers. It’s about doing things on her own, and in her own way. As transiting Saturn is activating her sun as well, altogether it looks like she needs to take a step back and then look at her life calmly and critically before deciding how to move onwards. She has the backbone to do it!

Ozzy’s natal chart reveals that he’s definitely in for a proper reality check (esp during June/July) which won’t miss out on any vital issue and goes on until winter this year. During this time, Ozzy is challenged to come to grips with certain facts about himself: Saturn moving over his adventurous Sagittarius sun speaks of humbling experiences and will question him about his level of maturity, his willingness to take responsibility for his actions, and what really and ultimately matters to him. At this point he has to come clean and be entirely honest with himself. Similar to Sharon, he’ll clearly feel where he’s running against frustrating barriers on the inside and outside, thus being unable to freely express himself. And just like her, he’s now required to shift the focus towards his most personal desires and confront what scares him. Neptune’s influence thrown into the mix means that he may be slowly waking up to realise he’s been deceiving himself or believing things about himself that are untrue. So there are definitely lessons to learn about self-awareness – but a good long look in the mirror will lift the veil and set him back on track!

As both stars are going through pretty intense periods of individual change, judging by the encouraging energies in their relationship chart they still have the chance to sort things out in the best possible way. What they most need is clarity and honesty, and whatever they choose to do in the end, it looks to be a permanent, “once and for all” decision!


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