Macaulay Culkin announces surprise retirement!

The 35-year-old actor, who was one of the most famous American child stars in the early 90s and is nowadays seeking refuge from media attention in France, recently announced that he’s more or less retired. Now that’s a bit early, isn’t it…?? So what current inner process may have prompted him to come to this decision? First of all, with his sun and Mercury forming a dominant duo in practical, intelligent Virgo, he’s got a very critical and analytical personality. Talk about a sharp focus on completing his tasks and fulfilling his duties! Virgos appreciate being needed, and staying busy all the time makes them happy and healthy, so that doesn’t look like someone who fancies the idle life.

On the other hand, as indicated by Macaulay’s dreamy, sensitive Pisces moon (a position he shares with the likes of the late Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Prince!), regarding his emotions he’s just the opposite – He loves the quiet and peace, feeling carefree and simply chilling and letting the flow of life take him wherever it wants to without being concerned about stuff! He’s also very intuitive regarding his needs and can pick up on even the most subtle feeling and grain of inspiration. There is no birth time so we cannot know for sure the aspects of the moon, but this is definitely a very different side of him.

At present, Jupiter and Saturn play very important roles: While Jupiter strongly triggers his awareness of what’s benefitting him most and what allows him the greatest chance of growth, Saturn, which rules age and time, puts the foot on the brakes and notably dampens Macaulay’s overall desire for expansion. Under realistic Saturn’s influence things become calmer and slower, and what you do with your time is a very important question – as opposed to Jupiter’s often too gracious, wasteful attitude. With these two forces battling and striving to align, it looks like shifting down a gear and leaning back with a nice café au lait may be all the progress and personal growth he needs for now!


It’s going to be a new beginning for Drew

Drew Barrymore, who with both her sun and Venus in romantic Pisces and a caring Cancer moon is likely one of the sweetest beings here on earth, has called time on her four-year marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman. Her chart hints that not only their reported disagreement about where to base their young family is primarily to blame for the split, but also issues concerning the joint assets and finances of the couple in general. This is a prominent matter in the actress’s birth chart. Also it’s pretty obvious that Drew’s 7th house, the area of relationships, is currently quite heavily under attack, confronting her with many challenges. She may regard this as a personal failure with Saturn being all over the scene, but nevertheless Jupiter’s contributing positive energy that will give her new hope and help her sort this out for the best. Pluto’s transformational and cleansing influence indicates that next to her family and motherhood moving even further into the spotlight, wounds will heal while she’s increasingly concentrating on her own wellbeing and undergoing profound emotional change.

Cara still hearts modelling

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is surprisingly back on the scene with an Yves Saint Laurent campaign after she announced she’s quitting modelling several months ago – claiming that it made her feel “hollow” and didn’t help her grow as a person – , and pursued an acting career instead. Cara’s sun in glamorous Leo describes her as an individual with a strong desire to express herself artistically and creatively, and to find things that are fulfilling and satisfying on a deeply personal level. Her Moon however is placed in original Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, which can make her feelings quite unpredictable and often put her in the mood for an abrupt change. But what may have prompted her recent change of heart? Just now, transiting Jupiter is strongly activating her natal Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, in work-related Virgo. That indicates that given Jupiter’s knack for picking out the best bits out of everything, maybe she’s realized that even though she first thought she’d found something better, there are still many aspects about the modelling that she really likes and that made her go back to it. There’s also a stimulating Uranus influence involved, which could certainly mean her enthusiasm has been sparked anew – this time round most likely accompanied by lots of new ideas and a different approach!