Billie Piper and Laurence Fox are separating!

Actress Billie Piper just announced her split from her actor husband of eight years, so let’s have a look at her chart for any clues about what’s going on in her life. Billie’s a Virgo sun with Venus also in this sign, and Jupiter’s significant transit to her Venus, the planet which rules love and relationships, has been going on for a few months. This would normally be expected to boost anyone’s love life and matters of the heart in general, however, Jupiter’s energy is always connected to a desire for growth, for something more; something bigger and better if you will. So this may have brought forth some hidden dissatisfaction in her with regards to her marriage, and over time she may have felt that “this wasn’t good enough anymore”. Then there’s Saturn in a difficult angle to her Venus, which is very often a sign of a break-up, as Saturn’s arrival tells of something that is coming to an end. Billie’s other astrological transits, especially Pluto, suggest that she’s currently on a journey of mental transformation, and pretty much in a place where she’s thinking a lot about her personal relationships and starting to view them in a very different way. Hence, if her real-life relationships can’t live up to those new ideas and there’s no way to change  things around and compromise, they may have little chance to survive. Also, it’s clear to see that she will rebel against anyone and anything that pushes her limits or tries to take control over her. She definitely needs some major changes and new choices in her life!


Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Hollywood’s next dream couple?

The Roar singer and the screen hunk have been seen out and about together holding hands on a regular basis since their open flirt at a Golden Globe bash in January. Reports suggest that it’s serious, so what’s in the love stars for the hot pair? Capricorn Orlando’s chart reveals that he’s looking for an alluring lady who isn’t afraid of committing and showing depth of emotion. In that respect he’s found a great match in Scorpio Katy, who has almost every important planet in her chart also squeezed into this sign: She’s the epitome of deep emotions, all secrecy and mystery. While their sun signs get along well, emotional closeness is also almost guaranteed with both stars’ Moons being in Scorpio. Not surprising that the two are moving so fast! Both have the same Mars position as well, which speaks of exceptional drive and a similar attitude towards work, performance and ambition. They should certainly meet each other’s taste, even though Venus, the love planet, makes for interesting differences and challenges here. This exciting romance promises to be quite a transformative trip too, esp. with Orlando’s Moon conjunct Katy’s sun/Pluto in Scorpio. So we wish them fun and good luck on their magical mystery tour….

Kylie Minogue engaged to Joshua Sasse! – So is this serious?

Just last month Kylie Minogue made it official: she’s now engaged to her 19 years younger British beau Joshua Sasse, who she’d met only last autumn while filming a TV series. What a whirlwind romance par excellence – but is this meant to be in the long run? Looking at the pop icon’s birth chat, it’s pretty clear how serious this is: Her significator for relationships, Saturn, is currently in opposition to her Ascendant ruler, Moon in Gemini; and that means the connection between the I and the You. Actually, Uranus has been indicating for quite a while that there’s something cooking regarding relationships, being conjunct Saturn in Kylie’s birth chart and explaining the quick and surprising development! Best of luck to the couple – Sagittarius Joshua is certainly an entertaining counterpart for the bubbly Gemini girl.