QUO VADIS, Ronaldo…??

Transfer rumours regarding Cristiano Ronaldo are sure to pop up every single year at the end of the season, sometimes a couple of times a year, since the day he left Manchester and England behind. Now, straight after winning the Champions League final with Real Madrid, the superstar’s comments about his future set tongues wagging once again, with plenty of options being discussed by plenty of sources. Cristiano himself has announced he will give a statement soon, but is keeping his lips sealed for now.

What does the planetary backdrop have to say? The energy of Jupiter, planet of expansion, success and good fortune, currently plays a major part in the Portuguese’s chart. Jupiter squares his sun and is urging him not to bypass any opportunity for growth or positive experiences in order to make his biggest hopes and wishes come true. This phase is about inspired actions and decisions that are purely led by the heart, about being idealistic, enthusiastic and true to oneself, going after happy feelings. Given that Cristiano is an Aquarius, he may well surprise everyone by doing something no one has predicted.

And what about that undying “going back to Man Utd” rumour? Well, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio which is connected to the past and deep emotional bonds, so a move back is not entirely ruled out as his strong emotional connection to his former club is without question – in his own words: “Manchester will always be in my heart”. It may be time to follow up with action to show that love – or look for new horizons (such a beautiful Jupiter analogy). Saturn is reaching a dominant position as well, and as the planet of maturity, truth, and responsibility it could hint at an important crossroad in his life. Whatever he does, “The pursuit of happiness” is all he really needs to consider.

The wonderfully drama-free break up of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and her soon-to-be ex hubby Ben Affleck are living proof that Hollywood doesn’t always need the big drama. They first announced their split in 2015 but later put their divorce plans on hold, trying to make it work for their three kids. However, Jen and Ben have now taken the decision to end their relationship while still loving and supporting each other.

The two screen stars are in fact a really good match, be it as lovers or friends: Both have their sun and Mercury in a fire sign – Jennifer in Aries and Ben in Leo – which puts them on a very similar wavelength and makes them well compatible with regards to how they think and act. It should be easy for them to communicate and get organised in a way that suits them both fine. Both have their Ascendant in family-oriented, sensitive Cancer, so their approach to life and dealing with new challenges is similar and emotions play an important role for both of them.

However, difficulties could perhaps arise considering their emotional energies. Jen’s moon in Gemini in the 12th house indicates she may often want to be off in another (dream) world or take time out and withdraw to her own mental realm. She likely needs a lot of flexibility and she’s very communicative and tends to get distracted by many contacts and interests (she has three other planets in Gemini). Ben on the other hand has his moon in mysterious, brooding and intense Scorpio in the 5th house. It seems that he needs a partner who is willing to focus on and to share in his own personal passions and projects a lot and place his emotional needs (the nature of which may often be quite demanding and extreme) in the centre of attention.

In their relationship chart, transiting Saturn, which is a symbol of responsibility, truth, reality and sensibility and also the relationship significator for both of them in their individual charts, has just exactly opposed their Venus and sun, thus heralding the end of their love relationship. But this constellation is all about mutual benefit and enjoyment – “being nice to each other”, so while their long talks about the state of their marriage while holidaying together eventually led to their split, the pair will remain the best of friends and apparently even managed to settle everything without an army of lawyers! Miracles do happen, sometimes even in Hollywood.

Miranda Kerr said Yes! to boyfriend Evan Spiegel’s proposal

Former Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr recently instagrammed the news of her engagement to Snapchat founder and billionaire Evan Spiegel whom she’s been dating for about a year. Looking at their chart comparison, it’s easy to believe people who claim they are such a happy couple. For starters, Miranda’s Venus in Gemini close to Evan’s sun is almost always a sign of an instant connection and strong mutual affection. Miranda’s outgoing sun sign, Aries, is also a good match for communicative Gemini Evan. What’s more, both have their Mercury at the same degree in Taurus which makes for great conversation and exchange of ideas. Evan’s Venus is placed in Taurus as well which is a fantastic constellation given Miranda has her Mars there – erotic sparks are certainly flying high between these two! Evan Spiegel’s moon is most likely in deeply emotional Scorpio (just like in the chart of Miranda’s ex Orlando Bloom!) and works really well with Miranda’s moon in fellow water sign Cancer. He also brings a good dose of common sense and realistic attitude into the relationship with half of his planets being in materialistic and responsible earth signs, and his model fiancé will no doubt appreciate that: She’s a fun seeking girl on the one hand, but also looking for a partner with a certain toughness and serious attitude. There’s no doubt Evan will live up to her expectations – His Mars in Aries gives him the ability to get his will and push his way ahead. Who cares that he’s seven years younger than Miranda – Congratulations to this truly powerful couple!!

What lies ahead – An astrologial forecast to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday

A peek at the Queen’s solar return chart reveals this will likely be a year with a focus mainly on duties and practical adaptations in everyday routines, and also on the people involved in those services with whom she shares most of her time. Until late October, Saturn shows that Elizabeth will continue to appear very focused in the public eye, with her strong inherent calmness seeming notably enhanced. As power planet Mars is also making an appearance, perhaps she’s even eager to take on more ventures and responsibilities than she already has, especially in the period until the end of August, due to a high energy level and a lust for activity and personal achievement. It is therefore important to listen to her inner voice as chances are she might exhaust herself!

Until July her natural ability to generate development while making do with little means will be put to the test, but people may also be surprised to see more of her spontaneous side! This is also a fabulous time to nourish contacts and establish new ones that promise security and prosperity (albeit with a bit of a critical attitude!) as well as being close to her loved ones. However, at least until November, there is a reminding Saturn influence which not only encourages her to treat herself a bit more generously, but also confronts her with her values particularly related to home and family life. She may find it very hard to carve out private time to spend with her family, but she will clearly realize what is too dear and special to her to miss out on due to her regal duties.

Throughout autumn, she could quite easily become more popular mostly with social groups and institutions, by making an effort to be more open and communicative. There will certainly be time for pleasure, as long as substantial material affairs are not neglected. Regarding such financial matters, a promising Uranus constellation hints that some profound changes may be achieved with positive effects. The Queen may want to be cautious though and not become too intent on a particular method or result, as this may hamper the good potential for growth! Until November, cosmic forces look to be stabilizing all emotional matters and relationships along with her trust and confidence. And Her Majesty has every reason to look ahead with a smile: She’s likely to be able to strengthen political bonds and be very much in line with the issues of the state, which can lead to an image improvement and deeper personal satisfaction on the whole. During the first few months of 2017, there will be a nice boost courtesy of Jupiter’s invigorating energy activating her natal Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius. This can bring forth her (often concealed) explorative, quirky and unconventional side. It may also see her energetically engage in controversial issues as well as more actively support social causes to remedy shortcomings and help eliminate injustices!

And what’s actually the secret behind her extraordinary reign? It’s so obvious in Elizabeth’s chart: Her Capricorn Ascendant makes Saturn, the symbol of age, time, stability and longevity, her chart ruler. Saturn is placed right on her Midheaven, a most prominent position in any chart, in deeply committed Scorpio. It’s a remarkable constellation that means high responsibility and authority in connection with public affairs and the state and makes her destined for a life in service of society. As powerful Pluto is approaching the Ascendant, there is a transformative process now slowly beginning for her that indicates key changes in life. However, it probably won’t be until a major constellation coming up in the year 2020 that she will have a true sense of fulfilment regarding her tasks and life work. Everyone would certainly agree that she will give it her all until this day arrives. God save the Queen!

Johnny Depp is heading for a divorce!

After just 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard made shocking headlines when she filed for divorce from the Alice Through The Looking Glass star a week ago, citing irreconcilable differences. A rep for Depp said the actor hopes to get this solved quickly and, in fact, the planets appear to be on his side: At present, the cosmic “accelerator” Uranus is conveniently influencing matters regarding Johnny’s 7th house of marriage and relationships and also indicates the split may actually elicit a deep sigh of relief from him. Amber is now accusing him of domestic violence and was granted a restraining order against her ex, but Johnny’s lawyer says that Heard’s claims are clearly financially motivated.

What can the planets tell us in that respect? In the ex couple’s compatibility chart, their Venus conjunction in Taurus not only gives them a high potential of sensual delight, because this sign also rules material assets and possessions. Retrograde Mars in Scorpio is now attacking this constellation with the exact opposition coming up in less than two weeks, which suggests that fierce fighting over money and valuables may lie ahead. It’s a messy situation, however things aren’t looking too bad for Johnny Depp, who’s also lost his beloved mother days before the split: Jupiter, the planet of benefits and prosperity, is currently moving through the financial sector of his chart and the very positive tie with Mercury (his indicator of finances!) around mid-August should give him hope that the final outcome will be in his favour and things will be settled swiftly!

Kristen is a unique girl

Let’s start with stating that actress Kristen Stewart‘s chart is positively overflowing with powerful planetary aspects, giving her a lot of personality and a thoroughly dynamic nature. Her sun and moon in particular are engaged in really challenging stuff and create strongly opposing sides within her. Kristen first rose to enormous fame playing Bella Swan in the ultimate vampire saga “Twilight“, and being born under an intense full moon herself, it seems that there’s a natural connection there with the vampire theme.

As her natal moon is placed in Libra, she feels a desire to relate to other people and share in their ideas, which is bound to collide with her assertive sun sign Aries’ calling to put her own interests first! Kristen is an independent spirit and thanks to Mars on her Midheaven in Aquarius rather unafraid of showing her rebellious, original side in public (or even shock people with that challenging Pluto aspect!). She certainly has a sparkling emotional world and enjoys the glamour and spotlight, but she’s also likely to often be confused about where she currently stands. There’s a chance she has difficulty understanding her own feelings which can cause her to sway a lot. She may not even know who she actually is, recognizing too many colourful facets in herself that can raise doubts about whether they belong to her. In addition, unrealistic ideas about the relationships she wants can play a role, although there’s a good energy flow involving Venus pointing to a potentially stable and prosperous romantic life, at least as far as her own affections are concerned.

For all those who were rather surprised to see her choosing female partners for quite a while now, her birth chart does give a few hints in that direction: Uranus, the planet representing the energy in us that makes us feel different and eager to try out new things, is in a strong position and linked to her moon in Libra (the sign that rules relationships). The moon is the indicator of how we feel, what we identify with and what we need to be fully satisfied. The impact of noncommittal Uranus means that there might be an erratic, jumpy quality about the way she feels. She doesn’t really like to adapt and may need to step out of her comfort zone to go for the least common and most unexpected things. Applied to her personal emotional ties, this indicates she values her independent choices and needs to experience a large variety of feelings and particularly different types of close and intimate bonds. This can often be very contradictive, puzzling and inexplicable to herself. Kudos to her for following her instinctive nature!

Is it all over? – The Osbournes rumoured to split up after 33 years of marriage!

Despite many ups and downs, Sharon and Ozzy always seemed to have a strong relationship. Their core personalities, Libra and Sagittarius, get along well and especially with regards to mental stimulation, there’s lots of stuff to talk about and both signs are very interested in intelligent, delightful company that makes them feel elevated. Ozzy and wife Sharon are also quite a passionate match as both have Venus in emotionally intense Scorpio. However, latest reports claim Ozzy has cheated on her again – Is it one affair too many for Sharon to put up with? Let’s take an astrological look behind the scenes of the star couple’s lives.

In Sharon’s chart, transiting Pluto is squaring her partner-oriented Libra sun and points to a lengthy transformational process. She is very much the type for a long and stable relationship, but with Saturn close by also involved at present, any important personal commitment to other people needs to be thoroughly examined and let go of if it turns out it has become unreliable. She certainly tends to hold on to things and can endure a lot thanks to Saturn’s impact, but her limits are now being stretched to the max. This constellation could make her become acutely aware of situations in which she feels trapped but was caught up too much in her own routines, just too busy preserving stability to notice before. Pluto now announces that a profound change of plan is in order, which has a lot to do with her authority over her own life and decision-making powers. It’s about doing things on her own, and in her own way. As transiting Saturn is activating her sun as well, altogether it looks like she needs to take a step back and then look at her life calmly and critically before deciding how to move onwards. She has the backbone to do it!

Ozzy’s natal chart reveals that he’s definitely in for a proper reality check (esp during June/July) which won’t miss out on any vital issue and goes on until winter this year. During this time, Ozzy is challenged to come to grips with certain facts about himself: Saturn moving over his adventurous Sagittarius sun speaks of humbling experiences and will question him about his level of maturity, his willingness to take responsibility for his actions, and what really and ultimately matters to him. At this point he has to come clean and be entirely honest with himself. Similar to Sharon, he’ll clearly feel where he’s running against frustrating barriers on the inside and outside, thus being unable to freely express himself. And just like her, he’s now required to shift the focus towards his most personal desires and confront what scares him. Neptune’s influence thrown into the mix means that he may be slowly waking up to realise he’s been deceiving himself or believing things about himself that are untrue. So there are definitely lessons to learn about self-awareness – but a good long look in the mirror will lift the veil and set him back on track!

As both stars are going through pretty intense periods of individual change, judging by the encouraging energies in their relationship chart they still have the chance to sort things out in the best possible way. What they most need is clarity and honesty, and whatever they choose to do in the end, it looks to be a permanent, “once and for all” decision!

Macaulay Culkin announces surprise retirement!

The 35-year-old actor, who was one of the most famous American child stars in the early 90s and is nowadays seeking refuge from media attention in France, recently announced that he’s more or less retired. Now that’s a bit early, isn’t it…?? So what current inner process may have prompted him to come to this decision? First of all, with his sun and Mercury forming a dominant duo in practical, intelligent Virgo, he’s got a very critical and analytical personality. Talk about a sharp focus on completing his tasks and fulfilling his duties! Virgos appreciate being needed, and staying busy all the time makes them happy and healthy, so that doesn’t look like someone who fancies the idle life.

On the other hand, as indicated by Macaulay’s dreamy, sensitive Pisces moon (a position he shares with the likes of the late Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Prince!), regarding his emotions he’s just the opposite – He loves the quiet and peace, feeling carefree and simply chilling and letting the flow of life take him wherever it wants to without being concerned about stuff! He’s also very intuitive regarding his needs and can pick up on even the most subtle feeling and grain of inspiration. There is no birth time so we cannot know for sure the aspects of the moon, but this is definitely a very different side of him.

At present, Jupiter and Saturn play very important roles: While Jupiter strongly triggers his awareness of what’s benefitting him most and what allows him the greatest chance of growth, Saturn, which rules age and time, puts the foot on the brakes and notably dampens Macaulay’s overall desire for expansion. Under realistic Saturn’s influence things become calmer and slower, and what you do with your time is a very important question – as opposed to Jupiter’s often too gracious, wasteful attitude. With these two forces battling and striving to align, it looks like shifting down a gear and leaning back with a nice café au lait may be all the progress and personal growth he needs for now!

It’s going to be a new beginning for Drew

Drew Barrymore, who with both her sun and Venus in romantic Pisces and a caring Cancer moon is likely one of the sweetest beings here on earth, has called time on her four-year marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman. Her chart hints that not only their reported disagreement about where to base their young family is primarily to blame for the split, but also issues concerning the joint assets and finances of the couple in general. This is a prominent matter in the actress’s birth chart. Also it’s pretty obvious that Drew’s 7th house, the area of relationships, is currently quite heavily under attack, confronting her with many challenges. She may regard this as a personal failure with Saturn being all over the scene, but nevertheless Jupiter’s contributing positive energy that will give her new hope and help her sort this out for the best. Pluto’s transformational and cleansing influence indicates that next to her family and motherhood moving even further into the spotlight, wounds will heal while she’s increasingly concentrating on her own wellbeing and undergoing profound emotional change.

Cara still hearts modelling

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is surprisingly back on the scene with an Yves Saint Laurent campaign after she announced she’s quitting modelling several months ago – claiming that it made her feel “hollow” and didn’t help her grow as a person – , and pursued an acting career instead. Cara’s sun in glamorous Leo describes her as an individual with a strong desire to express herself artistically and creatively, and to find things that are fulfilling and satisfying on a deeply personal level. Her Moon however is placed in original Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, which can make her feelings quite unpredictable and often put her in the mood for an abrupt change. But what may have prompted her recent change of heart? Just now, transiting Jupiter is strongly activating her natal Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, in work-related Virgo. That indicates that given Jupiter’s knack for picking out the best bits out of everything, maybe she’s realized that even though she first thought she’d found something better, there are still many aspects about the modelling that she really likes and that made her go back to it. There’s also a stimulating Uranus influence involved, which could certainly mean her enthusiasm has been sparked anew – this time round most likely accompanied by lots of new ideas and a different approach!